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Kids' Combo/Junior Jazz I

The Kids' Combo program is designed for students ranging from the ages of 4 to 6 years with emphasis on a combination of Ballet, Tumbling and Acro. Storytelling through movement is incorporated throughout the class where students gain confidence and knowledge of personal direction and basic musicality within the classical posture and discipline with a gentle introduction to the jazz curriculum.

Junior Jazz II

This Program is for students aged from 6 to 9 years with primary training in both ballet and the jazz curriculum. Students are taught to learn direction, basic musicality and to understand body awareness while understanding the basics of ballet and jazz through learning about posture, co-ordination and positions in the dance curriculum.

Junior Jazz III

The Junior Jazz III Program is for students who have completed Junior Jazz II or traditionally between the ages of 9 to 11 years with at least a year of dance experience. Students’ knowledge is enhanced on direction, strength, artistry and to understand body awareness, function and dynamics for performance with emphasis on correct execution of exercises within the jazz curriculum.

Junior Jazz Advanced

The Junior Jazz Advanced Program is for students aged 8 to 10 years who have completed Junior Jazz levels II and III and have the potential to continue to train more broadly. Dancers are heavily influenced on jazz and classical technique and introduced to use head and eye focus appropriately, improve flexibility, strength, and coordination. Further emphasis is placed on technique while dancers are encouraged to set goals for themselves through hard work and determination to advance to the intermediate level.

Intermediate Jazz I

The Intermediate Jazz I Program is for students ages 11 and above who have the potential and desire to train extensively and develop a stronger performance quality while strengthening overall strength, flexibility, technique and presentation in jazz dance. The students’ individuality and self-expression are influenced with an understanding of classical ballet, emphasized to help these students perfect the art while encouraging fluidity of movement and strengthening the dancer's overall technique and presentation.

Intermediate Jazz II

The Intermediate Jazz II Program is for students who have completed Intermediate Jazz I level, are 12 years and above and have had at least 4 years of dance training. Dancers are taught to explore textures and dynamics within the choreography as they continue to learn complex routines, formations and transitions whilst maintaining individual style and expression. All dance forms are continue to be introduced to teach an expansiveness of movement.

Intermediate Advanced Jazz

The Intermediate Advanced Jazz Program is for students who have completed Intermediate Jazz II program or have had at least 5 to 6 years of dance training. Dancers are equipped with the tools and practices needed to become a more confident and engaged dancer, flourishing in their own unique performance style to take their development to the next level, at their highest potential.

Senior/Advanced Jazz

The Senior Advanced Jazz Program is for students who have completed a minimum of 5 – 7 years of training with DWS and have been promoted from Intermediate to Intermediate Advance Jazz levels. With the core emphasis being placed on the student’s artistic value, dancers develop and execute nuances of seamless choreography through perfect technique. Learning advanced skills and long combinations, freedom of expression, contribution to choreography and working with multiple personalities and dance settings is at the core of every class.

Intermediate Classical

This class is for students 11 years and above who wish to train exclusively in Classical Ballet. Each lesson focuses on gaining a foundation of ballet technique and terminology while exercises are structured to build strength, stamina, flexibility, improve balance and understand the dancer’s sense of space. While students experience dancing ‘en’ pointe with barre and center practice, they are taught to gain confidence towards technical perfection to help them to progress as a classical dancer.

Advanced Classical

Our Advanced Level Ballet Classes are suitable for those who have completed our Intermediate Level course or equivalent and have a solid classical technique. The students’ ballet technique will be taken to the next level by finding space in the body to let go of tension and fully enjoy the experience of dancing gracefully. Dancers will strengthen their classical ballet technique, learn more complex sequences and steps, and to dance in ‘corp de ballet’, with the opportunity for solos.

Intermediate Contemporary

This creative movement and performance course is designed to encourage dancers to reconnect with their sense of play and explore storytelling through dance. If you have a curiosity for expression, this course will expand your movement vocabulary and teach you to express your own unique style through characterization and interpretation. As a dancer, this course will free up your creative practice and enhance your improvisation capabilities through movement. Throughout the course, you will create your own solo pieces and work as a group using a mix of unique choreography to curate a performance. Beginners with no previous dance experience are welcome.

Adult African Jazz Dance

Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned dancer, this program welcomes anyone over 18 years to explore the world of dance. The class is designed to introduce the vibrant and dynamic genre of African Jazz Dance to anyone wanting to feel good both physically and mentally.

Join us in this exciting and invigorating experience as you develop your skills and gain a deeper appreciation for this exhilarating dance form known for its fast-paced rhythms, fluid movements, and high-energy routines. With the guidance of an experienced instructor and a supportive class environment, participants can feel stronger and build confidence while surrounding themselves with amazingly positive people.

Instructor: Shyomie Kulathunga

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